• 21 oktober 2019
  • 21 november 2019
  • Neste Netherlands B.V. - Hoofdvestiging
  • Rotterdam
  • MBO
  • 2 tot 5 jaar
  • Medior
  • Werkvoorbereider
  • Raffinaderijen (Renewable Fuels)
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Neste Oil Netherlands is part of the Finnish parent company Neste Oil. The plant in Rotterdam produces renewable fuels. The maintenance supervisor is part of the maintenance department. The overall responsibility of the department is to maintain the plant and the supporting facilities according legal and industry standards in a cost efficient manner, amongst others:

  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Develop risk based and cost efficient preventative maintenance plans
  • Analyse of failures from maintenance management system
  • Initiate and support improvement activities


The role of the Maintenance Work Preparator E&I is to prepare maintenance work packages according work order processes and safety standards

Job purpose

The Maintenance Work Preparator E&I prepares high quality work packages according safety standards and Neste Oil specifications. Work will be mainly related but is not limited to electrical or instrumentation equipment.


  • Alignment and interaction with other work preparators and master scheduler
  • Alignment and interaction with PMC - Alignment and interaction with Foreman
  • Constant alignment and interaction with Supervisor

Result Criteria

  • Agreement on work packages over the disciplines and departments


Work Execution

  • Develop high quality work package and prepares work orders in MMS, based on TOS (Technical Order Statement) defined work scope in fault report or work request
  • Planning Realistic duration time of individual tasks in work orders
  • Updating duration time of standard jobs/PM plans based on actuals
  • Preparing basic work permits based on work scope and work execution tasks
  • Ensures alignment for cross disciplinary work
  • Reserving and ordering materials and services in MMS
  • Discuss and handover work packages with foreman
  • Participation in regular (daily, weekly) maintenance planning meetings
  • Ensure proper follow-up on returning unused parts to stock
  • Upload and connect documents to equipment
  • High quality work packages
  • No delay in work execution based on work packages
  • Materials availability and tools during execution
  • No incidents due to poor work preparation
  • No rework due to poor work preparation
  • MMS up to date
  • Accurate resource allocation per task
  • No delay in returning unused Parts to warehouse Neste Oil Rotterdam


  • Advanced knowledge of ATEX
  • Advanced knowledge of field instrumentation
  • Basic knowledge of electrical equipment including distribution
  • Basic knowledge of drives and motors
  • Basic knowledge of transformers
  • Basic knowledge of control valves
  • Basic knowledge of UPS systems
  • Basic knowledge of lightning and cathodic protection
  • Basic knowledge of fire alarm systems
  • Basic knowledge of heat tracing
  • Basic knowledge of HVAC systems Analytical skills & Problem solving ability
  • Basic analytical skills Teamwork
  • Team player
  • Working with others towards a common goal.


Communication (verbal expression skills)

  • Communicating effectively, keeping in mind the level of the parties with whom one is communicating.



  • Aligns own activities with team and departments




  • Backup for set-up weekly schedule & progress reporting
  • Back-up or assistance for work preparation in other disciplines Level of working and thinking
  • At least an MBO level 4 of working and thinking Education / experience
  • MBO Electrical engineering ( Elektrotechniek niveau 4 of hoger )
  • 3 years of relevant experience in electrical equipment and instrumentation maintenance in a petrochemical environment
  • Preference to relevant field experience. Knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge of administrative processes and MMS systems Motor skills
  • Working with a PC Interactive skills
  • Communicating on tactical and operational level in Dutch and English

How to apply

For further information please contact the Rotterdam HR department via or +31 181 354 104.

An assessment can be part of the procedure. Interested? To apply, use the 'Apply'-button.

Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.

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