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  • 29 mei 2020
  • 28 juni 2020
  • Amspec B.V.
  • Rozenburg (ZH)
  • HBO
  • Medior
  • Senior
  • Laborant
  • Laboratorium Medewerker
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This is great opportunity for experienced Shift Supervisors and or Coordinators interested in developing their career to Laboratory Management.

The role

Our Assistent Laboratory Manager has responsibility for everyday operations of the laboratory and will keep the Laboratory Manager informed of all laboratory needs. The Assistant Laboratory Manager is involved with arranging instrumental calibrations, sample and analytical assignments, maintaining original data for calibrations and daily quality control, reviewing final reports and record keeping and physical maintenance of the laboratory and training & development of laboratory staff. The Assistant Lab Manager is responsible for arranging the outside support services and record keeping as well. This includes instrument service contracts, if any, subcontracting sample analysis, etc.

Desirable skills/experience/education

  • Bachelor of Science level or similar (obtained by education and/or experience)
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience in a comparable TIC organization and in supervisor/coordinator role, having a strong Lab back ground is mandatory;



  • Regional team involvement and extended and/or irregular hours will be required;
  • Ability to manage a team;
  • Proven ability to manage and coordinate multiple projects in a fast-paced, fluid and professional environment;
  • Good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills are essential;
  • Candidates must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • Knowledge of local environment (with an attention for wastes), health and safety requirements/legislations

Terms and conditions

  • We offer a permanent job in a safe, dynamic and pleasant work environment;
  • Taking ownership, roles with real responsibility, a continuous focus on quality, service and personal development is part of our DNA.

How to apply

If you are interested, you can apply directly via the button below.
Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.

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