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RH Marine

About us

RH Marine is a leading system integrator and innovator of electrical and automation systems in the maritime industry, and delivers tailored solutions for complex Defence, Safety & Security ships, Yachts and Special Vessels. Our in-house capabilities include: Project management, consultancy, system design, engineering, commissioning, installation, site management, training and service support.

RH Marine supports and advises the customer from the design phase through the entire life cycle of the ship. This end to end approach allows for optimal configuration for the operational goals, and minimization of the life cycle costs. We ensure safe, sustainable, comfortable and cost efficient continuity of operations for our customers by integrating smart and cost effective solutions since 1860.

We explore the potential of green and intelligent, unmanned ships by continuously innovating electrical and automation solutions in co-creation with key customers.

Mission & Vision


We support our customers’ desire to stand out in their maritime operations via our integrated technology solutions. We enable them to work safely, reliably and efficiently. A passion we share.


At RH Marine we focus on making ships smarter and easier to operate. With our innovative solutions and integrated systems, we reduce life cycle costs and decrease the impact on our environment.

A Life Changing Career

RH Marine is an all-round maritime technological specialist, working as full-service provider and system integrator of custom made, innovative and sustainable solutions for the entire ship. It is important to us that our employees have fun during their work.

There is a collegial atmosphere and a no nonsense culture within our organization. Our employees are proud of the work they do!

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