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Branche: Digitale services

About us

RoadEO's vision is improve road safety and comfort all around the world. We are doing this by generating, combining and processing novel data sources and making use of latest technological tools.

Our team consists of former ESA engineers, remote sensing specialists, software developers and experienced impact entrepreneurs and is continuously looking for new talent to speed up our journey towards a global road monitoring service.

We started our enterprise in 2017 by winning several international idea competitions and eventually founded our company in The Netherlands. We are part of the European Space Agency Business Incubation program and have our offices next to the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC).

What we do

RoadEO is developing an innovative, comprehensive data collection and analytics tool for road quality monitoring performed by public and private road authorities. 

For this we combine the versatile sensor capabilities of smartphones with the data spectrum of novel satellites to create a unique information source which is being analysed and interpreted through our artificial intelligence solution.

The provided information helps our customers to detect road wear and structural damages alike, cheaper than with specialised vehicles and better than visual bypass assessments. This results in maximised road safety, reduced cost of operations and minimised downtime for repair purposes.

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Telefoon:06 - 41 78 48 99
Adres: Kapteynstraat 1